Noah Neal is a multi-hyphenate artist based in Brooklyn, NY.
He ,makes and .

He also , listens to a lot and is always working on .

Feel free to e-mail or shoot a DM his way if you want to work or say “hi.”

Keegan Konsor: Kink in the Wire

Emerging artist, Keegan Konsor, released his first project in the fall of 2023. This followed four singles and a set of skits you can view here; not to mention a show that was accompanied with it’s own set of visuals.


Kink in the Wire Album Artwork
 Hayfever Single Artwork
 SWTTMOF [Double] Single Artwork
 Finish Line Single Artwork
 Oh Shut Up! Single Artwork
HEART[2]HEART Show Poster
Live at Elsewhere Show Poster
Kink in the Wire Promo Skits