Noah Neal is a multi-hyphenate artist based in Brooklyn, NY.
He ,makes and .

He also , listens to a lot and is always working on .

Feel free to e-mail or shoot a DM his way if you want to work or say “hi.”

Keegan Konsor:
KITW Skits + Promos

For the release of the Brooklyn based anti-popstar, Keegan Konsor, we continued to building of his world with cheeky skits to promote his forthcoming project Kink in The Wire.


Directors: Noah Neal and Nic Boozang
CD: Noah Neal
Production Company: Hen House NYC
Producer: Noah Neal and Nic Boozang
DP: Nic Boozang
Editors: Noah Neal and Nic Boozang
Sound Design: Keegan Konsor